We would love for you to join our group. Listed below are all the membership levels we offer. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message or give me a call. Shannon Evans 206.235.9887 nwladiesinbusiness@gmail.com

I highly recommend signing up as NW Ladies in Business member. Not only do you get some kick ass benefits but you are investing in the growth of our organization and what we stand for: Supporting women owned businesses. Thanks for considering becoming a member:)


Ready, Set, Go Level - $50 - 1 year of membership benefits, listing in our Ladies that Rock Business Directory and discounts on all Business Perks. More detailed info listed below.

Kick Ass Membership - $75 -  1 year of membership benefits plus $25 to use towards any Business Perk.

Badass Membership- $100 - 1 year of membership benefits plus $50 to use on towards Business Perk.

Ultimate Badass Membership - $125 - 1 year of membership benefits plus $75 to use towards any Business Perk.

A La Cart Membership - $50 (1 year of membership benefits) + Choose whichever Business Perks you want to add to your membership. You can pick as many as you want. Just note that some of the perks you have to qualify or apply for. For example - You may want a Spotlight table, a Ladies that Rock Spotlight, Vendor Table, Daily Spotlight and two guides. That would be $50 for the membership and $140 for the Perks. Total would be $190.

Casual Member - Free. Running a business is challenging and we sometimes don't have the funds or time to invest in a group but we still want to be part of a community of ladies. I wanted to offer this free level of membership for those of you who want to be part of our Facebook community of amazing women and be able to join us at our meetings in the future if you so choose. You can decide to upgrade to a membership anytime and may participate in any of the promotional opportunities. You just have to pay more than a member does.

Business Perks

  • Host a Spotlight Table at a large group meeting - $25
  • Business of the Week on our Facebook page - $25
  • Ladies that Rock Spotlight in our monthly newsletter - $25
  • Advertise your business in one of our Guides - $25 (Your business must qualify to be in the guides). You can be in multiple guides. It's $25 for each guide.

- Small Business Resource Guide

- Health & Wellness Guide

- Mother's Day/Father's Day/Graduation/Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

- Holiday Gift & Event Guide 

  • Vendor at our Holiday Shop Local Event or Health & Beauty Expo - Must apply in advance for these events and qualify -$35
  • Daily Spotlight post in our sister Facebook Group Fans of NW Ladies in Business that will promote all our ladies to the local community - $5
  • Event listing in our monthly newsletter - $10
  • Sponsor a Large Group Meeting - $75
  • Sponsor either the Holiday Shop Local Event or the Health & Beauty Expo - $100
  • Sponsor a Mastermind Meeting - $75
  • Sponsor our Monthly Newsletter - $50

For a more detailed description of all the Business Perks click HERE

Each NW Ladies in Business membership comes with these benefits -

+ One year membership to NW Ladies in Business

+ Complimentary listing in our Ladies that Rock business directory on our website. The directory is a way to reach out to others in the group and to support each other’s business.

+Discounts on all Business Perks: Spotlight Table, Vendor Opportunities for our public events, Sponsorships, Business of the Week, Holiday Gift Guide Advertisement. Business Resource Guide Advertising, Health & Wellness Guide Advertisement, Daily Spotlight in our upcoming sister Facebook group etc...

+Access to our NW Ladies in Business Facebook page where you can interact and meet other local women business owners. I provide weekly ways to promote your business in specific posts each week.

+Get invites to all of our monthly meetings. Includes Large Group Meetings, Mastermind Meetings and special events, (Health &Beauty Expo, Holiday Shop Local Event)

+Attend all meetings for free

+Opportunity to have a Spotlight table at one of our Large Group meetings. You get to set up a table and showcase your products or services. $25

+Opportunity to be a sponsor for one of our Large Group Meetings, Mastermind Meetings or Public Events. $75-$100 depending on the event.

+Receive our monthly newsletter talking about all our upcoming events and programs.

+Get to participate in our Business BFF Program.

+ Participate in our Business of the Week Program.  You get to post once a day for 7 days on our Facebook page and tell the ladies all about who you are and what you do. $25

+Participate in one of our vendor events. Must apply in advance and be accepted to be in the event. Health and Beauty Expo(May) and Holiday Shop Local Event (November) - $35


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