Mastermind Meeting

Taming the Tech in Your Digital Office with Nicole Lux-Ritchie

Saturday September 7th 1:30-4:30

Greenwood Library 8016 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Our Spotlight Ladies for this meeting are Marleen Madding with CEO You - http://www.FB.com/CEOYou and Lynda Treadway with Tori Belle - http://www.soundlashes.com. They will both be set up at tables as you are arriving at the meeting. Come on over and connect with them and find out all about their business.


Imagine how much more you could accomplish if your email, your files, your calendar, and your contact information all behaved as a unified system ready to support you and your vision.

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to identify the gaps in your system and what steps you can take
  • to rescue your digital office.
  • How to unclutter your digital office and get to your genius work faster
  • Next steps toward getting an efficient digital system in place.
  • Secrets for organizing your information, so you can easily find it later.

“Don’t let your technology bully you”


As a technology guide, productivity consultant, and speaker Nicole has enjoyed over two decades of working with small businesses, solopreneurs, and tech-shy individuals to start where they are, use what they have, and do what they can to build sustainable businesses and technology best practices.

Nicole teaches the “Spiral Upward” method to build realistic expectations and sustainable confidence in client learning that fuels the daily practice of using their business systems.

The Spiral Upward method says we start where we are and continue to learn and build upon that foundation to progress upwards towards our goals. Especially when it comes to building and maintaining a business or learning a new skill, spiraling upward allows us to embrace the progressive learning process with greater efficiency.

She has deep roots in the Pacific Northwest, needs to be watered often, and lives with her family in Issaquah, Washington.


Large Group Meeting: Small Business Success!

Saturday September 21st 1:30-4:30

Phinney Neighborhood Center Lower Building 6615 Dayton Ave N

Meeting is free for all paid members and $10 for non-members.

For the first hour of the meeting come meet with over 10 of our Spotlight Ladies. They will be showcasing their businesses around the room and you are encouraged to come chat with them and find out all about their business. Spotlight Ladies

Sonja Anderson Rainy Day Organizer

Shelley Michael Real Estate with Shelley

Heather Pybas Usborne Books

 Kris Parfitt Story Launch Media

Kay Sterner

Megan Rhein Coaching

Ariella Shuster First Step Family Law

Mary Freiburger Jems Jewelry

Amy Miller Wolf -

Evo3 Marketing Branded Merchandise and Marketing Company 

Julie White Arbonne 

Lynda Treadway with Sound Lashes

We will then hear from Marleen Madding with Ceo You on Clearing the Clutter to Level Up and Tracey Warren with Inspark Co-Working on Creating Content that Builds Community.


Mastermind Meeting

Managing the Inner Critic and Taming Negative Self Talk: Presented by Micha Goebig

Saturday October 5th 1:30-3:30

Queen Anne Library 400 West Garfield Street 98119

Ready to curb negative self-talk and turn the volume down on your Inner Critic?

This workshop will show you what the mean voice in your head is all about, how to separate yourself from your Inner Critic, and which steps to take to change its messages.

You will leave the workshop with an actionable list of suggestions and tools that can help you work on positive changes and further strengthen your confidence and courage.

If you are fed up with constantly second-guessing your capabilities, decisions, and actions and feel like your mean inner voice is keeping you from being at ease, this workshop is for you.

For more information, please see www.michagoebig.com


Saturday November 2nd 1:30-3:30

Topic to be announced

Speaker: Carol Donahoe

Large Group Meeting

Holiday Marketplace

Sunday November 17th 1:30-4:30

Phinney Neighborhood Center Lower Building 6615 Dayton Ave N

Come shop for gifts for the Holidays from 20 local women owned businesses. The marketplace will be open from 1:30-2:30 and then we will have two of our ladies speaking on How to have a stress free Holiday and Eating Healthy for the Holidays. You are encouraged to bring as many female guests as you want. Bring your mom, sister, best friend or your neighbor:) 

We will have giveaways throughout the meeting.

Past Events


Mastermind Meeting

Wild Woman Entrepreneurship  

Saturday August 3rd 2:15-4:15

Queen Anne Library 400 West Garfield Street 98119

Speaker: Rachel Butler & Paisley Meekin, Work and Be Well & Honest Wellbeing


Being an entrepreneur and a modern woman is no joke! We choose entrepreneurship to live life on our terms, do work we love, spend more time with family, express our deepest truths in the world. Yet, maintaining focus on our vision and priorities can be a struggle (Am I right!!??) We get understandably overwhelmed by the the mountain of responsibilities we have in addition to running a business - caregiving children or parents, acting as household managers, sustaining partnerships, owning family relationships, maintaining physical and mental health, figuring out changing hormones (!!), the list goes on.

We are not alone in the struggles related to these responsibilities we step into as women. They have shown up in accounts from women throughout history through archetypes, mythology, stories, and records. The archetype of Wild Woman teaches up to wake up from the autopilot of our lives. She reminds us that the world needs our authentic presence, our ideas, our businesses, and our leadership to change human systems. We can gift that when we set down the things that don't align with our work and our priorities, we stop pleasing others and start doing what aligns with our own heart's call.


In this Mastermind we'll explore archetypes of Modern Woman and Wild Woman, illuminating the patterns that keep us stuck, overwhelmed, confused, anxious, depressed, apathetic and then stepping into the wisdom of the Wild Woman archetype to access the fullness of who we are as women and leaders. 

  • Recognize the thoughts and behaviors of Modern Women that keep us stuck in overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, depression, apathy
  • Uncover the instincts of your Wise, Wild Self
  • Gain clarity about your next step toward a more wholehearted life
  • See that we're not alone in the challenges we face as women - we're better together!
  • Leave with inspiration to recommit to running your business and life your way

This is a powerful session that will leave you deeply aligned with your Self and rejuvenated through connection.

Testimonials from a recent workshop:

“I arrived nervous and numb and left feeling purposeful and inspired. Thank you for igniting a spark.”

"Regardless of age or experience, I was reminded that women have the power to share, accept, and empower each other. We are not alone, all women are born wild. Thank you!"

About Us

Paisley Meekin and Rachel Butler, founders of Honest Wellbeing Vacations, are two lifelong friends with a dream to bring people together to create more joy and connection.

We bring over 20 years of combined experience leading fitness and personal & professional development programs, and have shared a passion for health and wellness from an early age. We are known for our down to earth approach, our humor, and the safety and accessibility we bring to both fitness and personal development.

Honest Wellbeing Vacations are designed to give attendees a sense of calm, peace and connection with intuition, heart, and bones. We combine daily workouts with personal and leadership development, community, connection, and time for rejuvenation in beautiful settings. We aim to help people reconnect with their natural cycles of creating, achieving and rest, play. Most importantly, we believe in the need for deeper connection and sincere relationship in this modern age of technology. We help people gain insight and access vulnerability toward creating friendships that last beyond the retreat experience. Read More

Rachel Butler
Rachel is Owner and Principal at Work and Be Well, a consultancy and coaching practice in Seattle, WA. Work and Be Well is built on the belief that nothing is more precious in life than our health and wellbeing - and that our relationship with work plays an integral role in our overall wellbeing. She specializes in leadership & personal development and organizational health and emphasizes wholehearted living, conscious and human-centered leadership, and vibrant organizations. Read More

Paisley Meekin
Paisley Meekin is the owner of Honest Training, a fun, non-intimidating, non-competitive neighborhood training studio that believes in holistic wellness and sustainable life changing fitness and nutrition programs. Paisley’s legacy in this life is to create community and playfulness around movement.  Movement is what gives your body purpose... and everything, everyONE has a purpose. Through her own experiences, Paisley has come to believe that working out and movement is more powerful than being just about exercise.  It teaches us dedication, persistence, focus and self compassion. It teaches us how to overcome obstacles so we can start seeing ourselves as we really are: AMAZING and capable of ANYTHING. Read More

Meeting is free!

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out:)

Shannon Evans





Mastermind Meeting

Saturday July 13th 2:30-4pm

Greenwood Library 8016 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Our July Mastermind Meeting is going to be all about brainstorming ideas! The first 45 minutes of the meeting I will be asking all the ladies for ideas on upcoming topics for our Large Group and Mastermind Meetings, ideas on new programs for the group and just getting a general idea of how people are enjoying the group and how we can make it better.

The second 45 minutes will be spent in our small groups. You will get a chance to talk about a challenge you are having right now and all the ladies at your table will help you brainstorm ideas on how to solve it.

Meeting is free!

See you in July!!


Shannon Evans 206-235-9887


Mastermind Meeting

Saturday August 3rd 2:30-4pm

Queen Anne Library 400 W Garfield St, Seattle, WA 98119

Taming your Inner Critic

Speaker: Micha Goebig

Ready to curb negative self-talk? This workshop gives you the tools and strategies you need to turn the volume down on your Inner Critic. Join me for a morning of insights, actionable tools, practical exercises, guided meditation, and sharing. 

Does your inner critic tell you that you don’t have it in you to succeed? That you are not pretty or tall or thin enough? Do you feel shamed and judged and sabotaged a little—or a lot? Then it’s high time to turn the bloody bastard from a major drag into an ally and cheerleader! 

In this workshop, you will learn

  • what this mean voice in your head is all about
  • how to separate yourself from your inner critic
  • which steps you can take to change its lies and limiting beliefs

You will leave the workshop with an actionable list of suggestions and tools that can help you work on positive changes and further strengthen your self-confidence and courage.

Past events

June 2019

Meeting Sponsored by




Inspiring Ladies Large Group Meeting

Sunday June 2nd 1:30pm-4:30pm

Phinney Neighborhood Center Lower Brick Building

6615 Dayton Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

We will hear from 3 ladies who have inspiring stories to share about their journey through business ownership. Speaking will be: Tyana Kelley, Sandy Stamato and Jennifer Champion

We will also have 10-15 Spotlight Ladies set up during the first hour for you to connect with.

Here is a list of the Spotlight Ladies

Sandy Stamato - Business Coaching  The Simplified Path

Heather Pybas - Usborne Books

Melissa Bavlnka - Monat

Stephanie Larson - Young Living Essential Oils

Sue Charles - NuULife

Celeste Pettijohn Styling

Lynda Treadway - Arbonne

Smita Patel - Little Pearls Kids Dentistry

Mastermind Meeting  

Building Community with Tracey Warren ofInSpark

Saturday June 15th 2:30-4pm

Lake City Library 12501 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 9812

Building a business is so much easier in community!

That's what we will talk about during our mastermind.

  • Starting with why. Why it’s important to share your vision and talk about your dreams and desires with other entrepreneurs.
  • Embracing authenticity - what that looks like and what it doesn't. 
  • Scarcity vs. Abundance mentality and why it matter
  • Discovering your Champions and Advocate - and how to nurture your network for success.

It's going to be amazeballs!

Tracey Warren

Founder and Chief Connection Officer

InSpark Coworking


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