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NW Ladies in Business is a support and encouragement group for ladies who own their own business in the the state of Washington. Owning a small business can be very isolating at times, especially if you don’t have any employees or people to share your ideas with. Our group provides a safe, welcoming environment for ladies to build true lasting relationships with each other.  Each month you get to meet other like minded ladies that you can share your struggles, successes and ideas with. We foster these relationships with our monthly Virtual Meetings, Connection Network, Facebook group page, Monthly Newsletter, Member Spotlight, and our Featured Business.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our virtual events and chatting with you on the phone:)

We have many different things we offer to business ladies in our group.


Monthly Virtual Meetings 

Each month we have one virtual meeting on Zoom led by Kari Kravalho. Each meeting will have a specific topic related to small business ownership. For example: Marketing, Organizing, Web sites, using Facebook to promote your business etc… Check out our events section on our website for upcoming meeting dates - https://nwladiesinbusiness.yolasite.com/events.php

Connection Network - Coming Soon!

Connection is such an important part of being a woman and a small business owner. This network will help you to foster some amazing relationships with other ladies in our group and hopefully get you some new clients or referrals. My journey this summer of talking to over 90 of our ladies completely changed my life for the better and I want the exact same for you!

The Connection Network is all about connecting you to other like minded small business owners. Over the last few months it has become very apparent to me that as business owners we crave connection. It's so great to have people to talk to about a challenge you are having in your business or just to run some of our crazy business ideas by another fellow business owner.

Here is how it’s going to work -

Right now we have this section on our website called the Connection Network. It’s basically just a business profile for some of the ladies. With this new idea I am going to add a whole bunch of things to each ladies listings.

Things like:

  • All your business info: Business name, logo, your name, contact info, website, social media links etc…

  • People you want to collaborate with

  • Products and services you need for your business and personal life

  • Personal information, your favorite movies, TV shows, music, books, sports, travel interests, pets, city you live in, hobbies, and family.

  • I also want to include a whole bunch of pictures of you and the things you love.

  • Things you are struggling with right now in your business.

  • There will also be a couple of paragraphs where you can tell your story of how and why you started your business.

Check out this link to see how the listings are going to look. https://nwladiesinbusiness.yolasite.com/nw-ladies-in...

I am planning on launching it with 100 ladies in January 2024. After it launches, each week I will be posting on Facebook to encourage every lady to go on the Connection Network and pick someone to connect with. Maybe you need a personal trainer or some help with your website so connect with that gal or maybe you see that one of the ladies absolutely loves Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi is your favorite singer of all time so connect with her. It’s all about getting in the habit of reaching out to another woman business owner and connecting.

If you connect with one lady each week, after a year, you will have 52 new connections that you didn’t have before and who knows what will come out of those phone calls: Collaboration on a project, friendship, business for either one of you, referrals, business ideas etc…. The sky’s the limit. I have gotten so much out of talking to you ladies over the summer and I want you to experience the same thing!

This is something you can do on your own time in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. So many ladies don’t have time to go to meetings so this will be a great way to connect with other women business owners without having to go anywhere.

I am asking $100 per year to be in the network and I will also be throwing in a swag bag full of the products that me and my boyfriend make as a thank you for joining. We make soap, lip balm, lotion, greeting cards, magnets and bookmarks. Our tag line for our business is “Kindness Rocks” and we want people to be kind to themselves with our products but also spread kindness in the world by giving our products away.

I am looking to launch the Connection Network in January with 100 ladies. I’ve already gotten over 90+ ladies who are interested so if you want to join us in the network just message that you are interested and I will be in touch with you.

If you know you are ready to be in the network I have put together a form that you can fill out which has all the info that will go into the listing. Just fill it out and hit submit and I will let you know once I get it. From there I will send you an invoice for the listing.

Here is the link for the form - 


Even if you aren’t sure yet if you want to participate I would love for you to fill out the form anyway so I can get to know you better:)

A little bit about me

I own three businesses right now. A house cleaning business, NW Ladies in Business and Dailey Made. I absolutely love owning my own business and could never envision myself being an employee. I am a single mom and have two kids, Jared 17 and Lucy 15. We live in Seattle right now and in three years will be moving to Rochester WA where I will retire from cleaning and be able to work full time on Ladies in Business and Dailey Made. I can't wait! 

I hope that this group can help all of our businesses thrive and also help us to make some long lasting friendships.

Again I am so excited to meet you and I am very glad you want to join us! Please reach out if you have any questions or ideas about the group.

Shannon Johnson



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