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NW Ladies in Business is a support and encouragement group for ladies who own their own business in the greater Seattle area. Owning a small business can be very isolating at times, especially if you don’t have any employees or people to share your ideas with. Our group provides a safe, welcoming environment for ladies to build true lasting relationships with each other. Twice a month you get to meet other like minded ladies that you can share your struggles, successes and ideas with. We foster these relationships with our monthly Small Business Success Meetings, and our Group Facebook pages.

Our second priority is promotion of your awesome businesses! I love promoting lady owned businesses and it’s so important to get your name and business out there for everyone to see. We do this through our Ladies that Rock Business Directory which is one of the perks of being a paid member, Daily Business Highlight Promotion on our Facebook page, Meeting Sponsorship, Spotlight Ladies, Opportunities to be a vendor at our Holiday Shop Local Event in November and our Spa Day in the spring, Opportunity to be included in our Holiday Gift & Event Guide, and to be promoted in our sister Facebook Page Fans of NW Ladies in Business which promotes our ladies to the local community and encourages them to use women owned businesses.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our events and chatting with you on the phone:)

We have many different things we offer to business ladies in our group. 

Small Business Success Series - September through June we all get together to support and encourage each other. Each meeting has a specific theme relating to a small business ownership. For the first 30 minutes of the meeting you get introduced to 5 of our Spotlight Ladies. They get to come up to the front and introduce themselves and talk a little bit about what they do. Each gal gets 5 minutes to share. If you are interested in being one of our Spotlight Ladies just let me know.  As per library rules there can be no selling of products during the meeting.

* Right now due to Covid-19 we are only meeting online through Zoom right now.

We then have one or two of our gals speak on the theme of the day. 

After that we gather together in small groups to have some table discussion. You can hand out promotional material for your business like a business card, flier or sample while you are chatting at your table. Visit our Events page to see the details for the next meeting: https://nwladiesinbusiness.yolasite.com/events.php

You also have an opportunity to be the Sponsor for one of our Small Business Success Series. For more info on this just message me or check out the details HERE. Sponsorship is $75 for paid members and $125 for non-members.


Public Events - A couple times a year we host community events to promote the ladies in our group. We invite all the NW Ladies in Business Members and also invite some of the community.  Right now we do a Spa Day in the spring and a Holiday Shop Local Event in November. If you want to be a vendor for one of these events please email me your name and business and I will consider you for the event. Cost is $35 for paid members and $50 for casual members.

* These events have been postponed due to Covid-19.


Rock Star Membership $100/year - To get all the wonderful benefits of being part of our group I highly recommend becoming a member. Not only do you get some kick ass benefits that will help you grow your business but you are also helping to support the continuation of our amazing group of ladies. Thank you for your support! Once you decide that you want a membership I will send you an invoice and you can pay with a card or send me a check in the mail.

You can check out all the membership benefits here - https://nwladiesinbusiness.yolasite.com/membership.php.  

Business Directory - As a paid member of our group you get to promote your business in our Ladies that Rock business directory on our website. This will be a way to reach out to others in the group and to support each other’s business. If you are a non-member and just want to be in the directory you can do that for $40/year. We are also working on a directory that will feature ladies who have virtual services/products that people can support during the Covid-19.


Spotlight Ladies - Another way to promote yourself is to sign up to be a Spotlight Lady at one of our monthly meetings. You get 5 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to share who you are and what you do. You can hand out promotional material, samples or just show your products. You just can’t sell anything since it is held at the library. To be considered for a Spotlight Lady just send me your name and business and which meeting you want to be promoted at. 


Advertise in our Small Business Guides - During the Christmas Holidays and Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Graduation we do a gift guide to promote our ladies who have products and services to sell. Ads are $25 for paid members and $40 for casual members. Here is our most current Holiday Gift Guide - https://nwladiesinbusiness.yolasite.com/holiday-gift-and-event-guide.php.

We are also planning a Small Business Resource Guide for 2020. If you want to be included in any of the guides just email me your name and business name. Your business must be related to the specific guide you want to advertise in. For a sneak peak at the guide click HERE.


Daily Business Highlight -  Yet another way to promote yourself in the group is to sign up to be a Daily Business Highlight. You will get to post something about your business on our Facebook page for up to 5 days in a row. You can start with introducing yourself and then go into more detail each day about what you do. This will be $5 per day for members and $7 per day for non-members. Email me for dates available - nwladiesinbusiness@gmail.com

Monthly Newsletter - This will feature our latest announcements, events (ours and yours), promotional opportunities, Ladies that Rock, ways to support our amazing ladies and much more. You can promote any events you have coming up in the newsletter for free if you are a member or sign up to be featured in our Ladies that Rock section. Event listing is free for paid members and $25 for casual members. Ladies that Rock Feature is $25 for paid members and $40 for casual members. Click HERE to see our latest newsletter.

Sponsor a Meeting - $75 for paid members and $125 for non-members - You can sponsor one of our Small Business Success Series . For more detailed info on what you receive as a sponsor click HERE.

Facebook Posting:  I use our NW Ladies in Business Facebook page to inform the ladies about group events and info pertaining to the group. For right now these are the types of posts I will allow on our Ladies in Business Facebook page:

  1. If you are looking for a service or product you may reach out to the group. EX: I am looking for a hair stylist
  2. If you have an event that will benefit the whole group you may share it. As long as it is not hosted by you. Ex: Networking events, speakers, business expos etc...
  3. If you have used a service run by one of our ladies or used their products and love them you may tell us about your experience and why they "Rock".
  4. This page is not for promoting your own business. I will provide specific posts where you can reply in the thread about your business. There are plenty of groups out there for you to promote your business. I just want this group to be about supporting and encouraging each other. Not just a place to promote yourself.
  5. Mondays I let the gals post in a thread about their upcoming events and classes. Tuesday I promote one of our guides, Wednesday you get to post about how awesome things are going in your business. Every other thursday you get to share any struggles you are having and on the opposite Thursday you can post your promotions. Fridays I post promotional opportunities that are coming up.

Facebook Group

We have a private and a public facebook group page for NW Ladies in Business. To join just click here -

Private -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwladiesinbusiness/   

Public - https://www.facebook.com/groups/957162577817251/

A little bit about me

I own two businesses right now. A house cleaning business and NW Ladies in Business. I absolutely love owning my own business and could never envision myself being an employee. I am a single mom and have two kids, Jared 13 and Lucy 11. In all honesty I am an introvert, and I would rather be at home on a Friday night wrapped up in my blanket and reading Janet Evanovich (I totally wish Stephanie Plumb was a real person). But I am forcing myself to step outside my comfort zone to start this group because I feel like I need what this group can give me and honestly because I want some girlfriends:) I hope that this group can help all of our businesses thrive and also help us to make some long lasting friendships.

Again I am so excited to meet you and I am very glad you want to join us! Have a wonderful Holiday season and please reach out if you have any questions or ideas about the group.

Shannon Evans

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