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Cynthia Tamlyn
Oilistic Aromatherapy

I'm a certified clinical aromatherapist and aromatherapy educator. I specialize in supporting the emotional health of children and adults who've experienced trauma. I teach classes for licensed health providers on the potential interaction of essential oils and health diagnoses and pharmacology.

I'm passionate about supporting the emotional recovery of trauma survivors so they can have a better quality of life, and protecting others from essential oil injury through education.

My goal for 2019 is to continue to support trauma survivors, and expand the reach of my classes to neurology, pediatric, endocrinology, and other licensed health care practices.

Lindsey Jackson

I remember thinking that I wasn’t doing enough. I’d been working with clients one on one for twenty years, but it wasn’t enough. The change I wanted to see in the world would require something bigger than me. For a while I felt like I was flailing. I was fighting with my own feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, while also trying to figure out a business model that would allow me to have 10X impact. My goal was to make health and wellness accessible to ALL women, not just the ones that could afford $200 yoga pants and weekend retreats to Hawaii.

Since I couldn’t just drop everything and go “find myself’ for nine months, I started interviewing other women who were feeling like I was. I wanted to know what they read, what they watched, what products or health modalities actually worked, and didn’t cause harm to women in the long-term. Once I started sharing my insights, well, the whole thing started to take on a life of its own. And in the process, I stumbled upon the peace I had been searching for in my own life.”

Hezalia is a movement, a website, and an online community created by women, for women. The Hezalia platform and in-person events feature stories and advice, product recommendations, and a user forum aimed at empowering women's health, wealth, and influence. You want to find a therapist that specializes in women’s sex issues? We got it. Are you a woman-identifying inventor who wants to launch your newest product on a platform that is run by women for women? Hezalia wants to spotlight your incredible self. And oh, would you like to borrow our big ass hammer to smash through those glass ceilings with? We’ll help you swing it, Babe.  

Hezalia is still in its infancy but in less than four months, we’ve managed to launch the online platform, a media station for woman-made health content, Hezalia.TV, and the first of our three annual events, #enlightenedAF – A 2-Day Workshop For Rebellious Women, will be of epic proportions this January.

Founder & CEO, Lindsey T. H. Jackson

Darci Gillespie Windermere Real Estate Co. 206.402.1187

Instagram: @darciinseattle

I am a full-time real estate broker and Director for the Washington REALTOR® Association. Since 2004 I have been helping clients navigate the ins and outs and ups and downs of buying and selling their home. I rock only because of the people I choose to surround myself with, personally and professionally. I truly believe that you are the company you keep, and between my family, friends, colleagues, and clients, I am blessed to keep some pretty rad company. Oh, and my cats. My cats are pretty rad, too. 


Marleen Madding aka M 

CEOYou #knotBIGenough (still in process with Locking this down!) 

206-251-6370,, connect with us on Facebook:

I am passionate about sharing and awakening HOPE

I want to help people give themselves Grace, and forgive themselves of their past.

Clear the Clutter of doubt, fear, failure and embrace the growing pains of life

Envision their future self, create a foundation and platform for shifting their thoughts to manifest their dreams. 

Find their Voice. Magically grow their savings. Dream. Play. 

Know that they can life an Abundant Life

Fuel their Flame and have FUN while doing it

By Being Bigger, Growing Bolder and Glowing Brighter

Goal for 2019 - Hosting monthly/consistent PlayDates on #knotBIGenough

Current PlayDates Held at Local Venues around Seattle or at Location Selected by Group/Party

Gift Certificates Available - for 2019 PlayDates 

Gift Certificates $25 increment. Add a Ball of HOPE for $6.00 to cover Shipping

Purchase $50 Gift Certificate Free Ball of HOPE 

Balls of Filled with HOPE for Sale ~ who Do YOU know that needs a little HOPE in their life right now? 

Order a Ball filled with HOPE.  $10 + Shipping

Other Products in my Portfolio: 

LegalShield & Identity Theft:

Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil:

OneHope Wine:

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